Washington County law enforcement goes live with Mobile Computer Terminals

Release Date: 11/7/2008

Washington County, FL – Washington County joined a movement toward better public and officer safety this month when law enforcement officials went live with Mobile Computer Terminals. The transition will reduce the amount of time officers need to spend in the office and provide seamless access to data, allowing them to protect and serve more efficiently.

Specifically, the SmartMCTs supplied by CTS America, provide access to public safety data to Washington County Sheriff’s Office vehicles, including access to interfaces with State/NCIC, paging, email, the Records Management System, live Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Mobile Reports, report review, report approval, and more. Real-time CAD options include self-dispatching, traffic stop call creation, and demographic data collection. Additionally, rather than limiting officers to query submission, Mobile Computer Terminals provide access to the entire system, transforming each vehicle into a virtual office.


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