CTS wins Georgia State contract

Release Date: 12/19/2008

CTS America was recently awarded a contract with the state of Georgia. The team at CTS is excited to work with the Georgia State Patrol and is planning for the wide variety of tasks ahead.

As part of the agreement, CTS will assist the Georgia State Patrol in consolidating 48 dispatch locations into 11 efficient, regional communication centers over a two year period. CTS will install hardware at the new dispatch centers and in 833 Georgia State Patrol vehicles.

Currently, Georgia State Patrol is working without electronic CAD, Records Management, and a Mobile solution. However, with the help of CTS America, Georgia State Patrol vehicles will allow troopers to complete almost every aspect of their job electronically. Transmitting information to their supervisors will be seamless and convenient, allowing troopers to stay on the road serving their communities.

Additionally, Georgia local government and educational institutions will now be permitted to purchase CTS and partner products though the Georgia State contract, which is administered by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. Available products include CAD, Records Management System Mobile Computer and Jail Management.

Mr. Bernard Joy is administering this contract for the State of Georgia and can be reached at (404) 463-5556


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